Humble beginnings

Over spring break last year, we took a trip up to Montreal. My phone plan allowed me to text and call for little to no extra fee but adding mobile data on my international plan jacked up the price. I would have let my mobile data go except that I wanted to be able to access directions back to our hostel in case of an emergency. However, it made me think that if I could text a service that was connected to the internet and it sent back directions to me, then I wouldn't have had this problem.

Extending the problem

Expanding on traveler's with mobile data, many people across the globe still do not own smartphones or have access to mobile data where they live. Having access to a service like mapsms would give these people a lot more freedom and security in traveling outside of their comfort zone, knowing that they do have a way to navigate back home.

  • gives an overview of total time, distance, start location interpreted, and end location interpreted at the beginning
  • step by step directions nicely formatted with distance
  • ability to specify multiple modes of transportation
    • walking, driving, biking
  • ability to handle incorrect inputs
    • origin/destination could not be found
    • no route exists between origin and destination
  • can split long directions into multiple texts
  • server runs on a raspberry pi
What we want to expand on
  • add support for public transit and transit type
  • add support for language
  • add support for default 'home', 'work', 'school' keywords
  • add support for displaying output in the metric system
  • send a picture of the directions if asked for one
  • add support for
  • keep track of user's preferences and save them
    • language
    • units
    • default transportation mode
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