Many hackershave chosen Discord as their primary platform for project communication, and we felt there should be tools in place to allow them to get up and running quickly.

What it does

  • Auto generate channels and user permission for the server with .setup command.
  • Live recording feature: Allowing for team members to record meetings for others to catch up asynchonously.
  • API tool kits for setting up Github/Trello updates directly to the Discord server.

How we built it

We used NodeJS/ExpressJS as our frameworks of choice. For integrating with discord, we used Discord.js. We used the respective APIs for Github and Trello to build the toolkits.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to implement ML to auto-generate notes for the recorded meetings, but we ran into audio conversion issues that prevented us from using the ready-to-deploy NLP and summarization solutions.

What's next for Hack Bot

We hope to implement a voting system, and the auto note-taking system in the future iterations of this project.

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