Hack Attack

In the beginning, we were fascinated with the concepts of the Google Table Top. We wanted to create a dank, mind-challenging game that starts and ends quickly. We took into consideration each player's ability to hold a mobile device while interacting with the table. In the end, we came up with a short game for users to play by changing their control between a phone and the Table.

Our hack is a two player game that involves the players cracking a 2x2 mobile unlock screen set by their opponent. The Table contains a 4x4 grid of locks initially of neutral colour. Players select a lock on the Table, and then switch to their mobile device to attempt hacks. A successful hack allows a player to claim a lock with their colour, and set a new password for the lock. The objective is to claim a line before the opponent.

This project was written in JavaScript and compiled to a native android application with Ionic. Communication between the devices is facilitated with Firebase. All technologies used in this project were learned by the hackers from scratch.

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