Our inspiration is a drive to return to the present organic reality. The focused attention span for humans is now less than a goldfish, due to online distractions. Paired with the earths carrying capacity and exponential consumption we need to change our collective behaviour.

Insight into how to do this can be found in behavioural economics; the very tool used by massive cooperations to decimate our attention by optimising for short term incentives - likes, swipes and fiat currency. Further inspiration can be found from the legends of complex/integral thinking (the label keeps changing); Gurdijieff, Buckminster Fuller, Ken Wilbur and Jacque Fresco.

What it does

The system being designed intends to co-opt short term extractive behaviour into long term resilience for people and planet via a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. We want to out compete (hyper)capitalism.

More concretely we do this by scoping, measuring and iterating on experiments from the bottom up (mycellia network - grass is a biological desert that nothing grows in). These roots have been bootstraped in a place called Liminal Village via a memetic unit called hackalongs.

This first iteration deploys a splitter contract that accepts inputs and divides funding into three streams; personal, local and global. Personal streams are intended as personal funds - a UBI stream, a project stream and an excess stream.

We split the pie (funds/resources) on the streams via a monthly proposal process which deploys a splitter. Personal streams are transferred directly to your personal wallet. Local streams go to a community DAO which uses liquid pledging to allocate funds into internal projects (like co-budget). The global stream is for when personal and local streams reach their cap, when this happens excess overflows into ecosystem partner DAOs.

How we built it

Agile methodology. The present iteration is built on Ethereum as a simple first iteration. Further upgrades upon testing will be completed in future (moon based) sprints.

Challenges we ran into

Divergent thoughts and world views, semantics and over conceptualisation when scoping was needed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pulling together last minute in a convergence (after diffusing everywhere)

What we learned

Scope creep is the infinity that poisons all concepts. Ship.

What's next for Hack-along

Harmonisation phase back at the Village to tidy up and the integrate various parts that have been contributed from a pluralistic whole.

Built With

  • etherum
  • holochain
  • react
  • rust
  • technologyagnostic
  • web2
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