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During this time of Pandemic, the govt officials need to visit the industries so as to check the readings from different Generators in various industries throughout the country which could lead to the person being infected from COVID Virus


  • Using Robotic Processing Automation,
    1. we check for real-time data
    2. calculate PLF value and deviation of Power
    3. Visualize the Data
    4. Inform the respective authorities for the break-in compliance of regulations


  1. User Friendly
  2. Single Click run
  3. Can be Scheduled

Software used

  • UI path
  • Phone
  • Gmail
  • etc

Built With

  • data-scrapping
  • excel-automation
  • google-chart
  • page-redering-with-live-data
  • rpa
  • ui-path
  • web-automation
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