Users can use emojis to express their emotions and thoughts, such as the “reaction” feature on Facebook. But such emoji-dependent picture icons rarely represent the users’ feelings accurately and precisely. Further, even the users themselves cannot put their feelings into words promptly all the time. After identifying this limitation of general online chatting, we decided to develop a chatting app that can deeply analyze the users’ emotion when they are messaging their friends.

What it does

Our project includes a live camera to gather data regarding the user’s facial expression, a chat box for users to exchange messages, and an emo-analyzing chart that updates its analysis result of the users’ emotion every time when a new message is sent. During the conversation, the users can view both their own and their counterpart’s emotion analysis result.

How we built it

We used Microsoft Face API to analyze users’ facial expression. For the front end development, we use javascript, html, and css.

Challenges we ran into

We originally planned to use python to develop our app. But after working on the project for 12 hours, we found out that we couldn’t access the base-url Microsoft emotion API using Python. We also realized that for a better-looking UI, we should use a different language considering the time constraint. We then switched to use (React) Javascript. We had also a hard time trying to use MicroStrategy API to display statistics on face API response. However, due to time constraint, we decided to use another API for demoing instead.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

In addition to how we completed building a SUPER COOL app in 36 hours, we are proud of coming up with a solution to help people communicate more clearly. HACK-AA-EMO allows users to learn about their friends' emotional state and changes promptly, which complements the limitations of words and existing emojis.

What we learned

We learned how to use React Redux to design webpage, to create live camera in JavaScript, using Microsoft Face API, using Twiio API for building chat box, and using json files!

What's next for HACK -AA- EMO!

The current focus of HACK-AA-EMO is to improve people’s online communication. In the future, we want to be able to analyze users’ life quality.

Built With

  • chartjs
  • javascript
  • microsoft-face-api
  • react-redux
  • twiio
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