As students who experienced the GCE 'A' Level not long ago, we understand the sheer struggle of many peers in achieving their desired academic proficiency. While some managed to find their way to study efficiently and master the concepts before the national exams, this is not the case for many others. Sometimes, seeking help from teachers may not yield productive sessions or may not be that convenient due to clashing schedules.

Studying should not be a struggle, it should be a rewarding journey full of insightful discoveries. This is why we want to facilitate the learning process, by creating a Web App that integrates learning materials into a single unified platform with detailed notes and quizzes for students to hone their academic skills outside of school hours. We also aim to create gamified aspect where completing quizzes will grant students XP Points and they can level up in the game. This incentivizes a positive learning attitude for students to master the concepts taught in school.

What it does

Our web app is called StudyLah! It provides learning resources for Singapore Students going to mainstream schools. The learning resources are sourced from Online reputable content creators, or published by us the developers, who were ex-secondary and ex-Junior College students not long ago. Users may choose either Primary, Secondary or Junior College difficulty levels on the Subjects page where we list the Subjects commonly taught in the two levels.

Within each subject, there are different Topic pages and within each Topic page, there is a Note Page and a Quiz Page. The Note Page serves to give reach content for students to understand what they are learning while the Quiz Page allows students to test their proficiency in that topic. Answering the quiz questions correctly will grant users points.

Additional Features from our Original Idea Each topic has extra practice questions that are initially hidden from users. These extra resources can be unlocked once users gain a certain amount of points. This serves as an additional motivating factor for continued learning to better students' academics.

How we built it

We use React JS framework with HTML and CSS to build the majority of the Front-end (UI and UX) of our web app. We use Node JS and Express to handle the Back-end for handling user accounts.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Time Constraint : We cannot finish all ideas that we wanted to do. We did not manage to use a large-scale database to handle User data such as their levels, and points, and the learning resources that are displayed on our web app.
  2. We are all beginners in web development, and we have little to no experience in using the languages and frameworks aforementioned to create this web app. There is a steep learning curve for us in attempting this Hackathon within a span of 2 days.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figuring out the UI for our web pages with the necessary stylings.

What we learned

Developing a web app from scratch within a time constraint is a challenge for beginners like us. Effective communication between teammates is crucial to ensure everyone is moving at the same speed in the web app development, otherwise time will be wasted in figuring out what one part of the project is trying to do.

What's next for Hack A Ton

  • Continue to learn the various frameworks/tools/libraries available to improve the features of our web app to facilitate learning among Singapore students.
  • Develop a Tutor side of the web app where we engage potential tutors who may want to contribute to the learning materials and provide tuition for students.
  • Web-based forum where students may come and discuss questions on a particular topic. This will be moderated by us developers as well as potential tutors.
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