My favorite type of game to make and play are always futuristic themed. I loved blade runner so I wanted to give it the same feel. Blade runner had its own "bite" though and I needed to find my own way to give the game some kind of message to leave the player. So the game is set in a world where companies saw virtualization as infinite revenue since virtual space in the future is nearly infinite.

What it does

It challanges the player to question and defeate targeted ads while exploring the world and finding landmarks. Lofi-genre music is playing to give the player a scene of calm so that they can feel when it is taken away.

How I built it

This project was built using game maker language using open source sprites, images, and sounds. Most of the game was made using tile or sprite sets and every object is hand programmed.

Challenges I ran into

I hadn't done a project this large by my self and it required a large amout of self-teaching along the way and a work ethic that I didn't know I had.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If I told my 10 year old self that I could make an game by myself over a weekend I wouldn't beleive it. What allowed me to complete this project was my years of computer science skills teaching me how to learn and adapt quickly to new problems, which taught me how to think in an object oriented way which all programming languages can implement in some fashion.

What I learned

Being a good programmer is only half the battle. I knew I could do it and I had to keep beleiving that until I did. This was a fulfilling weekend and I'm happy I made the time for it.

What's next for Hack-a-thon-2020

Built With

  • game-maker-language
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