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This inspiration behind Hack-a-Team was the difficulty in finding team members for hackathons. You could find yourself in a position where hacking is about to start, and you have no teammates. Either you asked to join some teams but were rejected, or all the teams were full. Or maybe you are a beginner and don't want to bring down an entire team. Whichever situation you are in, Hack-a-Team can help you by finding perfect matches for hackathon teammates!

What it does

Hack-a-Team is a website that lets you create a Hacker profile, which includes some of the most essential links, files, and information necessary for team building. Then, anyone can go through people registered on the site, and if they find a good match, they can ask them to team up! The site lets you set a bio, upload a Resume, and hyperlink to some social profiles and custom links of your choosing.

How we built it

Hack-a-Team was built with a backend in Python Flask. This is used for uploading and downloading files, storing and accessing data, and displaying dynamic text on our different pages. It also uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to provide an amazing UI and UX, implemented using Bootstrap v5. Finally, Resumes were uploaded to and downloaded from Linode Object Storage, and data was saved to and loaded from the Replit Database.

Challenges I ran into

Some major challenges I ran into included getting Linode's Object Storage set up. I had never worked with buckets of data or S3 before, and this was a completely new experience. There were tons of issues regarding authorized requests, data privacy, and more, but I'm glad to say I overcame all of them to end up with an amazing site at the end!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am super proud of developing not just a prototype, but an entire working application, in just a weekend. I'm super proud of the Resume viewing feature, and all the hyperlinks and icons I used to make it visually appealing. And overall, I'm proud of the site as a whole, and I cannot believe that I managed to build this in such a short time.

What I learned

I learned a lot about cloud storage, especially regarding buckets. It was very interesting to experiment with bucket naming, accessing, and modifying, as there were tons of issues with my early code. I also learned a lot about responsive web development and creating a clean and usable frontend from just a basic Bootstrap framework.

What's next for Hack-a-Team

I really wanted to add lots more features to Hack-a-Team, but never had time to because of the short timespan. For example, I wanted a search feature that would parse through resumes to identify keywords, which can then be filtered by. This would make it so much easier for a team to find someone who is good at one specific thing, like a frontend developer. I also wanted to set up an account dashboard, where users can update their bio, resume, and other details to keep an up-to-date profile on the site. I really hope to expand on this project in the future.

Thank You!

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