X is the premier location-based time management solution for the college student on the go. With X, I can take my pre-existing class, work, and personal schedules from Google Calendar, which include obligations all over my sprawling university campus, and integrate it into an ArcGIS-powered platform to ensure I'm never late again. X will provide real-time notifications when it's time to start walking to my next class based on my distance away and personalized settings, utilizing the power of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK. Within the X map interface, I will not only have an auto-generated map of my day's obligations, but I'll also have the ability to share (or not share) where I'm eating lunch, the walking routes I'm taking, and publicly-accessible events with friends using the app. By using X, a student can ensure they're where they need to be, when they need to be, and with the people they need to be with.

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