After sitting at a table despairing over how we couldn't think of a topic, we decided to get meta and create something that could help with idea generation. Discussion over that turned to the topic of team matching. We realized most methods of team-making are currently inefficient and non-standardized, so we made a solution that could unify team creation across several hackathons.

What it does

After taking some basic identifying information and the name of your hackathon, Hack-A-Match builds your hacker profile on your basic interests, skills, and level of experience in certain areas. Using these traits as well as traits that you specify for a potential teammate, Hack-A-Match matches you with compatible hackers. Users can create profiles that remember their traits for future matching. Coordinators can register with the website to have their event on the list of available hackathons.

How we built it

SQL, PHP for server backend, JQuery for the middle man, and HTML/CSS + JavaScript for the front-end. The logo was made in Photoshop CC 2017. There was also a sprinkling of tears.

Challenges we ran into

The rapid, rapid expansion of the scope of the project and how it eclipsed our <10 hour time limit. JQuery was a jerk on occasion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project is really darn polished for the time limit we had. We complimented each other as a team and were each able to have our own specialties and tasks. All of us had our firsts, but we managed to learn fast and implement faster.

What we learned

Not everything has to be an original idea - being the first to push it out to the world is enough. We also learned about color pallets, field styling, JQuery functions, logo creation, and a whole bunch of backend.

What's next for Hack-A-Match

This is not totally original by any means, but we want to be the first to put it into production. We want to make a fully-functioning beta for a local large-scale hackathon in April, and polish out any and all bugs over the summer to run it at another local hackathon in October. We know a lot of projects fall to the wayside, so we'll be regularly meeting to code and jam and keep our momentum going. Hopefully you'll see us at your hackathon in the future!

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