This group was formed to compete in the HACC 2018 event to create an app to help solve issues with Waste Auditing at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Nicole Chatterson, the Campus as a Living Lab Coordinator at the UH System Office of Sustainability brought a significant problem to our attention. In her efforts to perform waste audits around campus, she realized how inefficient the process of manually inputting data collected from an audit into Excel was.

What it does

The OWO app allows users to input data collected at their waste audit and see it visualized in real time. Data can be sorted by building, type of waste, category, and amount.

How we built it

Our app front end consists of HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, and CSS, uses Firebase by Google for data storage, and Highcharts for data visualization.

Challenges we ran into

Frontend: We did not coordinate our node versions properly and routing pages were troublesome due to the node versions being different. Finding a universal library to utilize was another difficulty. Backend: Learning how to use firebase and integrate it within the rest of our app.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We hopefully helped to increase the productivity and efficiency of data collection for Mrs. Chatterson’s waste audits. We helped Hawaii become one step closer to become sustainable.

What we learned

How to work as a rather large team of nine individuals in the pursuit of a common goal. How to storyboard a problem and build a solution as a team. How to work with different frameworks. Designing a product for someone else’s needs.

What’s next for Oahu Waste Organizer

Implement a calendar of events that users can use to sign up for waste audits.

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