This is a submission for the Hawaii Annual Code Challenge (HACC 2020).

The challenge done was: Hawaii State Archives – Gamification of Crowdsource Indexing

See: for more info on the challenge.

Frontend Technologies: React, NextJS

Backend Technologies: NodeJS, Postgresql

Other Technologies: OAuth2 for Google Login

Current features:

-Allow users to login with Google OAuth2 to keep track of their contributions -Show leaderboard with score of each user -Display pdf served from an Amazon S3 bucket (can be migrated to SharePoint or other storage solution) -Read a schema file from S3 bucket and dynamically create DB columns -Server tasks when the file name is specificed before hand (working on dynamically reading all tasks from file)

Upcoming features:

-Point to a storage folder to create a schema based on an xml file and create tasks automatically -Allow csv file download of the postgres data of compelted tasks -Allow form validation of tasks before user submits -Allow tracking of tasks so that each task is served to two individuals -Allow users to skip a task and go onto next ask

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