The inspiration

Covid-19 pandemic has caused physical, mental, social and economic problems globally and still showed no sign of a definite end. It is a priority that everyone joins force in doing one’s part in trying to get the pandemic subsided the soonest.

Our project hopefully will play a part in helping people affected or preventing people from getting affected by the Covid-19.

Our Solution

‘Kona’ chatbot is a functioning prototype that provides timely and accurate COVID-19 related data via the Web, 24 X 7, to end users from Hawaii and around-the-world. Kona reduces the burden on state resources.

Add Chatbot button easily to official state Website(s)

  • NLU enhanced by adding more ‘dialogs’ to Salesforce Einstein Bot Builder
  • Self-learning: over time Kona becomes smarter, leading to even more relevant and incisive answers
  • Salesforce Knowledge can be configured for native repository to allow articles to be served up to users by the bot
  • Multi-language: a dozen major languages available out-of-box

How was it built

Salesforce Service Cloud and Live agent (Einstein Bot) has been deployed to execute the chatbot and manage backend operations such as cases management and queries analysis.

Salesforce is a $13B public company focused on sales, service and marketing. Company is “betting the farm” on Einstein AI

  • Service Cloud with ‘Lightning’ UX
  • Einstein AI is the engine
  • Live Agent (Einstein Bot) provides ease of use
  • Salesforce Community (or Salesforce Site) published
  • Analytics: Chat Transcripts
  • Case creation can be added out-of-box
  • Post-chat surveys: can be added out-of-box
  • Post-chat survey in Demo is ‘in progress’
  • Some Salesforce licenses need to be identified / procured
  • Salesforce-trained Administrator and/or Developer needed

Further development

Currently, Kona is created as a prototype which will be further enhanced to cover a wider scope of questions and free-form answers. Ultimately, the queries data collected will be analyzed and optimized in order to leverage assistance to the urgently/most needed areas.

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