Our inspiration was in the difficulty of setting up a hackathon Discord server, especially for new hosts, and the difficulty of finding organized and uniform hackathon information. It's high time event coordination got a little bit easier, after all!

What it does

Hacc can currently set up an entire hackathon Discord server from one command, "!setup all". Additionally, it can play, pause, stop, skip, and queue music from YouTube, and it can do basic moderation functions, a base for our future additions.

How I built it

Our Discord bot built in Node.JS using multiple lambda functions.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into challenges for find out how to make the bot play music and create channels.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making it work in time, and getting as far as we have in 24 hours!

What I learned

We learned how to build a Discord bot!

What's next for Hacc

We plan to implement ways for the public to add hackathons, that will be verified from a moderator on our side of the bot. In addition, we want our bot to handle participant verification, song request approval lists from the moderators of each hackathon on the day of their hackathon, send alerts when new hackathons pop up for those in the area, and automatically add roles and permissions to participants in a server.

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