We all look back to the beginning of 2016 where everybody shares the same desire, to turn a new page in our lives by creating a New Year’s Resolution. We all want to start drinking 8 glasses of water a day, achieve that 4.0 GPA for the first time, or stop smoking cigarettes. For the first two weeks, our resolve is strong, but when the third or fourth week roll around we forget about our goals and revert back to mediocrity of the year before. We wanted to solve this issue of attacking a sudden change of heart alone. By connecting individuals with others that have similar goals, it creates a measure of accountability. These groups allow users to stay on track by sharing their own progress, watching others’, and encouraging them to do better.

What it does

Makers and Breakers is an Android-based application that allows users to interact with each other by joining or creating competitive “pools”(leagues) designed around reaching a shared goal. The challenge for each user in each pool is to build the longest consecutive streak of making progress towards your goal. A pool can be designed to help users make a good habit or break a bad one hence the name. Each pool is designed to create accountability for other players in the league by being able track each other’s progress.

How we built it

By collaborating on different sections of the project on Android studio we compiled our code together to create our product. One person to configure the database, another to learn front-end development on the fly, and the last to work on basic pages such as the log in, register and other View Objects.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge that presented itself was the departure of one of our team members to join another after the end of the first night. Ironically, after the designated database expert left the group, our biggest problem ended up being configuration of our database with mySQL and PHP. We also faced a technical issue where a laptop with the bulk of our code stopped working for a few hour stretch. This was only solved with patience. Another of the team members was relatively new to Android Studio as well as participation in his first hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our idea and how it can be applied in the real world to help families, groups of friends, and random people around the world to push each other to reach their goals. Also being able to work in an environment where we had to constantly adapt to make sure we were on the right path to develop our application.

What we learned

We learned a lot this year at HoyaHacks. Although we did not end up finishing the entirety of the product, we gained experience in the front-end development of our application due to lack of an expert. It was also a team member’s first hackathon, so he learned the ins and outs of android development for the first time and got to collaborate on a project that slowly transformed into a tangible product. We also were able to grasp how to incorporate libraries into an AndroidStudio project as well as APIs.

What's next for Habits

  • We are going to add additional functionalities to our application, and tune up the multi-player UI
  • We also plan on releasing our product on the google play store for people to utilize
  • Use the application to help people create good habits and break bad ones through the accountability of joining a league determined to reach the same goals.
  • Add an option for in-game currency equivalent to cash which allows for “betting” on whether or not you will be able to “make or break” your habit. Other players will be allowed to contribute to your individual pools and competitive multiplayer pools will have the money held until a winner is declared, the individual who has the longest consecutive streak. Also if an individual does not “win” in an individual pool there will be the option for the money to go to charity.
  • In the creation process of the pool, there will be an option to add a “proof” requirement such as photos or some other restriction when completing your habits for proof.
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