A research on positive psychology from Harvard University says that achieving goals is one of the leading factors of obtaining happiness.


However, as prevalent as goal setting is, very few goals are followed through. We lack the motivation to make the goal become part of our lives like a habit such as brushing our teeth or eating breakfast.


A research from the University College of London states that it takes 66 days to form a habit. HabitMi sets a timeline of 66 days for user to accomplish their goals. We use two things to help people achieve their goals:

  1. Public declaration to make the goal-setter more accountable
  2. A tightknit group of people for support encouragement

HabitMi enables users to create a goal and be matched with people who want to achieve the same goals. Each person logs their activity to earn points. The goal is to be the leader of the category. Gamification fosters healthy competition between friends as well as strangers, turning something that might be painful into something that is fun.

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