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Everybody has things they wish improve in their routines. Whether it's starting meditation, keeping a gratitude journal, or eating an apple a day, there's always more to be done to improve health, happiness, and productivity. But is the barrier to change really going to be removed by another "Top 10" list of practical benefits? Adults are overwhelmed by information. In contrast, children try everything because it all looks fun. Enter habitar.

We noticed that existing habit apps fixate on numbers, ignoring the importance of personal and entertaining connections for creating lasting change. Habitars (habit avatars) are inspired by Pokemon, Tamagotchi, and other virtual creatures that showed millions of kids at heart that patience and consistency can be fun and rewarding. Why not direct that energy to improve life in the real world? Habitars encourage accountability by tapping into the ultimate pools of intrinsic motivation: the pursuit of happiness and the desire to care for others.

Habitars are for people who believe that you shouldn't have to choose between enjoyment and effectiveness when it comes to making life better.

Key Features

  • Visualize and enjoy the journey of self-improvement through engaging animations, evolving forms, and the opportunity to collect them all!

  • Receive quirky and inspiring quotes, based on your preferred coaching style (friendly, stern, or snarky) and consistency score.

  • Minimalist user interface that doubles as an attractive screensaver- having other people ask about your habitar will help your habits stick!

  • Unlock badges, surprise achievements, and exclusive decorations

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