Among the most satisfying moments in life is accomplishing a challenging long-term goal. For some of us it's getting healthy. For others it's landing a new job. But these goals can't be accomplished in one big step - they take consistent commitment - like running or sending out job applications every day. Those small steps build up into a significant impact - if we can stay the course.

That's the hardest part. But, it gets easier with the right support and the right incentives! That's what Habit Builder is designed to help you with.

What it does

Habit builder is a 30-day challenge app that helps you consistently work toward your goals. With it, you create a 30-day challenge, like running 25 of the next 30 days. Then you invite friends to support you in your challenge. Everyone puts money into the pot for you to win if you succeed, or for your friends to share if you happen to fall off the horse one too many times. User check-ins tell the app if you've done your daily task, and smart contract logic ensures that funds are automatically disbursed to the right people when the challenge ends .

How we built it

It's built with a React front-end on top of Near's API for blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

Many challenges including learning and debugging AssemblyScript, and how contracts work on Near's chain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was many of our first hackathon. Despite our challenges, we learned to work together and built a working app that solves our problem

What we learned

  • TypeScript and AssemblyScript
  • Near's API and blockchain fundamentals
  • Product planning
  • Time management and work distribution

What's next for habit-builder

Getting that Series D.

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