The main problem for news on the internet is "the trust". How we trust the news, even to news source. Today we start a new kind of internet news service that focuses to "democratizing the news".

The project started with Covid-19, because of the deterioration of media and news source even though crucial "true" information needs of people. The people cannot trust anything, even they don't know how to judge. The world news source and also Turkey has become the source of distorted and misleading, if not completely fabricated, news - and it's destroying the public trust in journalism*.

All this reason motivates us and we started this project in Turkey. Until the beta version of news source will publish to the public, we are going to use Turkish language news sources.

What it does

Habertellali is a mobil application for android users. It only show most important and widespread news to user. User less came across biased, distracting or unimportant news in our application.

How we built it

Our product is combination of cloud and mobile services. We used a couple of service and language. As a team with 2 developers, we divide to duties in 2 side:

Mobile application, cloud services and back-end

Algorithms, data extraction

Challenges we ran into

It is our first cooperative product. It was hard to find the best way for build and develop together. In technical side, our product uses a big amount of data in cloud side, the memory requirement of project was bigger than expected and hard to maintain cloud service with restricted budget. The situation pushes us to improve code quality for more efficient memory usage and analyses data faster.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was only idea of us a couple of mounts ago, now is working concept. And gives promises for future application and expedition.

What we learned

Prepare alfa version faster :) we spend time for redundant specifications in first phase.

What's next for HaberTellali (in news we trust)

Next step is expend this solution for the other languages. Firstly, we will publish a product for English news.

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