As bunch of first time hackathon participants, we started off by listing our daily problems. It turns out many were very typical college student problems, such as: not skipping breakfast, sleeping early, not drinking too much, etc. These were all habits that we wanted to make.

And so we made Habby - a friendly platform to make new habits with our specialized algorithms and gamification.

What it does

Habby asks the users to write habits they want to make and returns relevant categories to choose from. After the category is chosen, users will log into a dashboard with tracking feature and input feature. Tracking feature allows users to see their virtual levels that positively encourage them to keep moving forward with the habit, and input feature allows users to self-report if they completed their habit for the day or not. The goal is to get to Level 10 -- that is when Habby is confident that the user has made a habit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of our algorithm that we created to suggest a smooth way to make new habits. We understand that it is impossible to suddenly stop skipping a meal or stop smoking cigarette. By tracking your weekly inputs and understanding the category, our algorithm will make sure that you will grow into your habits slowly but surely.

What's next for Habby

We hope to expand Habby to mobile apps to send push notifications according to the category of the habits. We also hope to partner with various companies and startups that help with specific habits such as melatonin gummy or anti-smoking products.

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