The connection between people battling starvation and hunger create strength and strive to fight harder to see their critical changes. That’s why we were inspired to create Dovetail.## Inspiration

Dovetail is an app that provides incentives for someone to donate to us and we transport that food to someone in a third world country. We then connect the donor to the donated.## What it does

We used U kit and Xcode to make our app. We used many elements such as buttons and text boxes. ## How we built it

We struggled to get each individual cell to show up for the table view page in our design

Challenges we ran into

We persevered to create a functional page, but it was not as we initially planned it to be. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned that perseverance will lead you to some sort of succes, even it is not what you initially planned it to be. ## What we learned

We would like to create applications for users to donate more than food, such as money, clothing and medical supplies, to advertise the app publicly, to add extra features, such as a game (ex: creating a game where more you get right, the more we Donate), to connect with larger charities, get feedback from the donors, and to provide incentives for them as well. ## What's next for hAAKS - Dovetail

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