Have you ever stayed up all night to finish an essay or report then accidentally click don't save upon closing? Or you are writing an essay for an application online and your browser suddenly crashed or your computer ran out of battery before you could reach the charger? Without Key Saver downloaded in your computer, you have no choice but to lament your lost work and start typing them all over again.

As a computer user, at some point in your life, you will unfortunately lost some unsaved work. Therefore, Key Saver will help anyone and perhaps at the time you think you don't need it.

Although seeming like a Keylogger, my hack is actually a unique program that offers the best solution to help you save it or lose it. While normal Keyloggers save everything you type in a single, messy file and send random, meaningless chunk of strings to your spam folder, Key Saver efficiently saves everything you type into different text files based on where you typed the text in to help you locate them easier. Currently, Key Saver can save all of your typed essays in Microsoft Word in MSWord.txt and all the filled out applications under the corresponding application's website in Chrome.txt. Or If you use Firefox, there is also a Firefox.txt file for you. And all other texts typed in somewhere else will be saved in General.txt. You can also use the shortcut keys to stop and resume saving texts or clear the saved text file(s) to help navigating to your needed text easier in the future.

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