Ha{c}ka is an iOS app that's intended as an immersive rugby app that is not only easy and fun to use, but also provides lots of educative tips and information about rugby itself. Current features include:

  • Listing of past and upcoming fixtures (though no data for upcoming fixtures yet)
  • Profile pages for the individual teams and players. You can view a player's stats on a per-game basis or a per-season basis, including their ranking for a particular stats category if applicable.
  • Profile pages for the venues (name, town, description, images), with a link to display the map on a venue, from where it is easy to get navigation directions.
  • Shows play-by-play information for games that have already taken place. Each play (parsed from opta feed) is parsed so that the text feels close to conversational English so that newbies are not overwhelmed by the multitude of stats or jargon. In addition, each play highlights technical rugby terms (scrum, ruck, box kick, etc) so that users who are unfamiliar with these terms can click on them to get more information. I have attempted to parse the explanations so that they are easy to understand, and users can quickly navigate to other sites (wikipedia, RFU home page) to read more on the sport.
  • If a play-by-play action is attributable to a player, then with one click a user can see a summary profile of the player, along with that player's stats for the whole game; an additional click takes you to the player's full profile and season stats.
  • Each play-by-play action can also be tagged with corresponding media; clicking on the media icon presents a seamless slideshow that a user can use to navigate the media related to that game.
  • Allows sharing of play-by-play data on both twitter and facebook.

Ha{c}ka's primary objective is to allow both seasoned and new rugby enthusiasts to get information about the games, tournaments and players without having to break away from the core experience of enjoying the rugby action.

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