Our original ideas centered around an Ideahunt/Producthunt type of project that would link developers to make ideas come true. We were grappling with the question of how to motivate developers and designers to bring these ideas to fruition.

As we got closer to the hackathon start date, we realized that hackathons themselves were a strong motivator for builders and we could feed into that by providing a platform centered more around builders. This platform would use matchmaking, peer-rating and what were essentially gamification concepts to make things fun and addictive for developers while allowing technically-minded project owners to post their projects as the potential monetization factor. We also liked the "meta" aspect of building a collaborative hacking platform at a hackathon.

For the name, we were inspired by Fight Club. (Note that if this is your first night at, you have to hack.)

Target Users

  1. Developers and designers who are looking to improve their technical and collaboration skills.
  2. Technically-minded product owners or open source software companies who are looking for assistance with a short-term problem.
  3. Entrepreneurs who are looking to build quick prototypes.

Key Features

  1. Real-time matchmaking system for projects.
  2. GitHub authentication and integration (users, repositories).
  3. Integrated backlog and chat components.
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