We were inspired by the minor challenges we run into in our daily lives with our water bottles, such as forgetting to refill them, leaving them behind when we leave our dorms, and neglecting to stay hydrated throughout the day.

What it does

H2Yo serves three main purposes: to alert the user if he or she leaves behind his or her water bottle, to remind the user to drink water when it is hot (when the temperature rises above a certain threshold), and to inform the user of whether the water bottle is full or empty.

Challenges I ran into

Originally, we were planning to include a fourth functionality of our water bottle that would alert the user while he or she was filling the water bottle that it was approaching fullness. We were planning to do this with a pressure sensor. However, we realized the sensor would be unable to give a consistent reading each time the bottle was being filled, so we adapted our project and the use of the sensor. Instead of letting the user know whether it was almost full while he or she was filling the bottle, it alerts the user whether the bottle is full or in need of being refilled when the bottle is resting on a surface.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our entire project! We came in knowing very little about the different types of sensors and the different potential usages of the bluetooth module. However, we were able to use a variety of different sensors to create one holistic functioning system, and of that we are very proud!

What I learned

We learned about the various sensors (temperature and humidity sensor, pressure sensor) and modules we used, and became more familiar with code related to the various sensors/modules. We also learned a little about actuators, such as the buzzer that sounded when the bluetooth disconnected and the button that stopped the beeping. Lastly, we gained knowledge about how to program LCD displays, which was one of the more difficult parts of our project.

What's next for H2Yo

H2Yo can be advanced to become more portable and user-friendly. The functions it performs can also be extended to encompass other issues that users feel in their day-to-day lives regarding their water bottle usage habits. Perhaps the challenge we initially faced with the pressure sensor can be transformed into a future function of H2Yo!

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