The Engineering without Borders Waterloo Chapter released a case study detailing the lack of sustainable and reliable water resources. After further research, we found that children and workers alike have to skip school or work to travel several kilometers to regional water tanks, and wait till water becomes available (at some unpredictable time depending on weather patterns and piping status) so that they can take some back to their families before the water source is exhausted for the day. We decided to better optimize this process so that these people would continue to contribute to their communities.

What it does

H2OnMyWay utilizes a Dragonboard to detect different levels of water flow in a pipe en route to a regional resevoir, and estimates the time for locals to reach the source, notifying them on SMS for water. Furthermore, the Dragonboard also gives the location of the watering source on the website, detailing nearby water sources and routes to them from your current location.

How we built it

We used an analogue water sensor in some sample piping to detect the flow rate and amount of water flowing through a pipe (simulated with a series of water bottles). Based on the water availability, the system sends an SMS to all people in the region who would be able to make it to the reservoir in time using Twilio services. The new water source will be posted on the website hosted by, and use Google Maps API to find your current location, presented against locations of active water tanks in the area.

Challenges we ran into

Our Dragonboard encountered update errors due to specific connectivity requirements in the hacking space.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully interfaced all system abstraction levels (using 4 languages) for accurate deployment
  • Successfully implementing the Google Map API and Twilio API
  • Successfully read, analysed and acted upon the water sensor readings

What we learned

We learned how to properly develop for the web, as well as the utilize the various MLH hardware that was provided for us, and as adapt them to our current hardware in order to create a finished project!

What's next for H2OnMyWay

H2OnMyWay can continue to impact developing communities as we continue to develop it, providing valuable data on when the water sources are open, allowing for consumers to continue to Additionally, by implementing AI, H2OnMyWay can better manage communities water needs. By monitoring various community members and specialized needs such as illness, elderly, or infants, we can better determine who needs water when and prioritize them accordingly based on previous trends in the water supplies in the region.

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