We always hear the 8-cups a day rule. It seems ambiguous and doesn’t apply to everyone. We decided to create an app that takes into account different factors like the weather, the age, the country, the type of sport exercised, number of hours of sleep, etc.. to tell the user exactly how much water is needed to stay healthy.

What it does

H2ODaily is app that calculates how many cups of water are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It considers the weight, the duration of exercise time and number of previously consumed cups to calculated how many more cups necessary for the day.

How we built it

  • Android Studio

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to work fast using the internet connection. Most team members do not have android experience, so we must pick the skills up onsite. We had trouble coming up with an algorithm that summarizes all the factors we wanted to consider so that the calculation would be as personalized as possible.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Some members of our team learned how to use Android Studio. We improved our experience with Java.

What's next for H2ODaily

Due to the time constraint, we could not include all the factors into the program. In the future, H2ODaily would also include input from: • Gender (it would have a completely different program for pregnant women)

• Exact sport practiced

• Country

• A weather API to tell the exact temperature and humidity level of the day

• A Google maps API to calculate distance walked by the user and update the amount of water to consume.

• A detailed schedule of water intake while exercising

• Urine color

• Exercise intensity


Integration with hardwares, like fitbit, applewatch Consideration of diets, since food also contains water

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