Proper water intake can make you feel less fatigued, reduce the chances of developing bladder carcinogens and kidney stones, and even aid in weight loss! Research has estimated that 2/3 of Americans are not drinking enough water.

What it does

With H20, you can plan to increase your water intake while trying keep your Droplet alive. The more water you drink the happier your water-avatar is and the farther away they are from demise at the clutches of The Flame. For the future steps, we are thinking about implementing the score system: people who consistently stay hydrated will earn points for good habits. There will also be some small games you can play with your Droplet so that the drinking habit will be maintained in an enjoyable fashion through our app.

How I built it

The app is built through Xcode using Swift 3. We used user defaults to store user data on the phone. We are planning on storing the information on the database for the score system in the future. UX designers in our team designed our app icon, water Droplet character and fire character themselves. Our UI was modified multiple times after getting feedback from workshop, demo and mentor recommendations.

Challenges I ran into

We kept our ideas open in the beginning. After the first night, we had our basic functions ready. However, after talking to more people, we decided to change some of our functions and UI. The code was rewritten the following day which delayed out progress. However, our new UI will be more adaptable to users. There were Wi-Fi issues throughout the hackathon, it took 7minutes to open up a website, so we did not implement online database to store our user information.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

3/4 of our team members are first time Hackers. We have a great diversity in the team and all of the UI items are custom made. We designed the workflow to minimize user input and making it as intuitive as possible for the users. Although rewriting the app 15 hrs before due date made us slower, our team was helping each other out to make sure all issues are resolved. We had great communication through the hackathon and our vision for the app were aligned well!

What I learned

It is very important to have UX designers in the team! People from different background has different ideas and input. I came to hackathon thinking about the worst case would be me soloing with my existing idea. However, I was fascinated with the idea Chelsea presents. We started there and came up with 5-6 good ideas the first 3 hours. It was a great time to generate ideas that would solve real world issues.

What's next for H2O

We will be implementing online database for storing user informations such as avatar name, user's age, weight, workout hours. We will implement a score system and reward people who consistently stay hydrated and add some small games for water droplet vs the Flame to keep it interesting.

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