With two group members from Michigan, our group has had a lot of exposure to the Flint Water Crisis. As a result, we decided to create app which helps those in the crisis by allowing them to request water from others in their community.

What it does

After logging on through Snapchat, users are able to access both a form to log how much water they have left, or how much water they are able to donate. The website then pairs these volunteers with those who are running low on water by proving their contact info.

How we built it

We built the device based on an HTML5 front-end website along with a python Flask backend. We had to implement the Google Maps API to organize the data and emmbed the map into our webpage, AWS to host the webpage, Snap Kit for a secure login, and Twilio to establish contact between volunteers and those in need of help.

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning of the project, we found it very difficult to incorporate the Snapchat login. However, through trial and error, our team was able to work through the errors, and successfully embed SnapKit. Another challenge we ran into was including Google Maps on our website. The location pins were very difficult to resize, so we instead had to custom make our own location pins (water droplets).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team was able to bring our skills together and create an application that seamlessly integrates different languages and platforms. Although each of us only was familiar with a few of the components used, we collaborated well and created a strong product. We were able to integrate numerous components, including a domain, Snapchat, and the Google cloud services. We are very happy with the work we managed to do in the short time period.

What we learned

We learned that much of development is all about learning, constantly. We all worked with unfamiliar languages and platforms, and had to approach these concepts with a fresh mind. We had to be very open and collaborate very much. Software development is not at all a solitary field; collaboration is of utmost importance.

What's next for H2LOW

The H2LOW team hopes to expand our app to eventually reach communities across the world, to aid people in every kind of disaster relief. Currently, our main focus is water, as having access to water is the foremost concern during disasters. However, as we develop our audience and advance our technology, we plan to expand into other methods of relief, to further serve people in need.

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