One of our team members if from Puerto Rico and after Hurricane Maria he know so many people who had not services and didn't even have access to clean drinking water. Due to the remote location of Puerto Rico is was hard to get the infrastructure up and running again. That is when we realized it would very useful to have a simple, scalable, quick to deploy water filtration system that can survive in difficult environments.

What it does

It captures rain water and air humidity, then removes physical debris from the water through a two step process, then it uses solar evaporation to distill the water and give a stable supply of safe drinking water. All this is packaged in a simple modular, strong and easy to ship product.

How we built it

We used 80/20 extrusion to build the frame. Then we used acrylic panels to make the walls. We have pvc pipes to direct the water thorough different stages. Clear, white and black acrylic was used to allow sunlight, heat water and cool water respectively.

Challenges we ran into

Properly sizing all the panels to fit in a cube, small differences would make the product impossible to assemble. Designing a simple structure that anyone could understand and build. Getting filter materials, we had to source them from the campus grounds likes pebbles and sand. Designing a 3D printed mesh that could capture air humidity. 3D printing faucets and then filling them a lot since they did not fit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completely electronic free, meaning it has a much lower chance of breaking down. Rugged design that can survive rough outdoor environments. Precision laser cut acrylic and extrusion. Simple and self made filter that works! Easy to ship and modular unit.

What we learned

How to use 3D Laser Cutters and Machining Equipment. To always measure twice and cut once. How to design a water filtration system that us effective. Plumbing Techniques. Simple design while also being quick to ship and affordable

What's next for H2Buzz

Water Level Indicators. Solar Panel lining to also become a source of renewable energy. Condenser System to accelerate humidity capture.

Built With

  • 80/20
  • acrylic
  • laser-cutting
  • machining
  • pvc
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