We have seen the world through the lenses of world resources and we are diminishing by the second. We need to find a way to decrease the use of fossil fuels in vehicles which will decrease emissions and save the planet.

What it does

The H.Y.D.R.O Mobile uses water to move a car through circulating it in a current rather than using fuel. While the current runs, it moves a set of gears that in turn move the wheels. In need of electricity in the car, there will be a miniature sized turbine to conduct electricity.

How I built it

We built through its many properties of water. We originally were planning on a electric water boat, but after realizing its problems we adapted to the situation and learned more about how we can fix it. We fixed by building a car that uses suction and water to power the car.

Challenges I ran into

The technology we originally thought of like thrusters on cars and many more are not available in the world today.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We as a group are proud of creating a vehicle that can save lives and eliminate pollution and also a concept that can be used in the future to sustain our planet.

What I learned

I learned the effects of transportation on society and what we as humans need to do to save it. I learned the help of water in cars instead of using deadly fuel. And finally, I also learned how to better use the Python Language,

What's next for H.Y.D.R.O Mobile

We plan on taking our invention to a mass scale by creating it and showing the population what we are capable of.

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