Inspiration πŸ’‘

  • Earlier we have made basic project like Counting of people with help of Face Detection in MediaPipe. So this time we wanted to explore the hand tracking field so as per the theme we thought what could be better than making a game which allows us to control the "Mighty BLAHAJ" to make it Dance & Attack with help of the tip of our finger.
  • "It could be very beneficial in medical field for the patient who are suffering from Parkinson as it helps in the exercise of hand muscle with fun and companion of the Mighty BLAHAJ" .

What it does βš™οΈ

  • In our game we have to guide the Blahaj with help of hand tracking to the Pirate Octopus who are trying to steal our Treasure. With a specific hand gesture the Blahaj kills the Enemy and we score a point and if we bite a Puffer fish than we lose a score...

How we built it πŸ”¨

  • We build it with Python using Pygame, OpenCV, and MediaPipe library. Further with the help of MediaPipe we tracked the movement of the hands and than we integrated that to move the Blahaj.
  • We customized the backgrounds, characters , logo all in Canva

Challenges we ran into 😩

  • There were tons and tons of error while integrating with mediapipe and setting up the logics.

πŸ†Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We made the Mighty BLAHAJ to dance on the tip of our fingers XD

What we learnedπŸ“š

  • Learned a lot and got some more experience in OpenCV,Mediapipe,Pygame.

What's next for H!T-SharK πŸ”œ

There a lot we are thinking about...

  1. We would have different game modes
  2. We would add HEALTH so whenever a Octopus reaches the Treasure the health decreases
  3. We would try to make it a two player game by giving the 1st player hand the control of the cursor and 2nd players hand the control over the trigger.

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