Automated Clinical Guidelines, LLC (ACG) organizes the world's medical information to make it useful and valuable at the point of care. ACG provides mobile knowledge, utilization management, data, analytics, time, date, and location for any disease, treatment, or diagnostic testing. • Mission: To organize the world’s medical knowledge and data • Vision: To do the right thing for the patient and our partners • Purpose: • To solve the same problems for which some of the first medical libraries were established • To enable individuals, families, and communities to take greater responsibility for their health while advancing medical research, teaching, and patient care The company was incorporated in 2006 with the founders making a total of $5 million in capital contribution. In 2014/2015, $1.6 million was raised from a number of high net worth individuals. ACG has had both physician and hospital sales for the last three years. We are just coming out of stealth mode. The company was founded on one premise - to help the patient receive proper treatment in an expeditious manner. ACG has developed an elegant system (H.O.L.M.E.S.) for doing the right thing for the patient and for those who pay, while eliminating many administrative costs for all stakeholders. Our product platform (SaaS): • Organizes the world’s medical knowledge using an ICD-10CM data model, in over 80 languages, with point of care access. • Insures all participants and users are singing from the same sheet of music, streamlining most teaching/training requirements, while standardizing diagnoses, treatment, and documentation. • Seamlessly links clinical documentation to revenue cycle via automated clinical guidelines and embedded clinical decision support. • Automates and revolutionizes many health plan functions to include prior authorization, clinical review, claims adjudication, payment, and network utilization analytics. • Creates clinical and radiology reports that are consistent, comprehensive, easily managed, and "readable" to humans and machines alike. • Provides an education and treatment platform for world-wide delivery of efficient, high-quality care, consistent with current medical knowledge, with cloud-based analytics for both epidemiologic mapping and tracking. ACG understands that patients need technology and data for health care to be convenient, timely, and cost effective. Our rules engine, H.O.L.M.E.S., is the world's most advanced medical artificial intelligence system. ACG developed a patented & patent pending technology to map, generate, and write in weeks and not years, millions of lines of code to build massive computer generated clinical decision tree knowledge algorithms. In addition, we normalize all data on the front end by a graphical user interface that effects claims coding to match clinical data. Also, our front end analytics have been tested in most countries over the last two years as well as having full back-end structured analytics. ACG realized years ago that we first needed to organize the world's medical information. With that accomplished by creating a new computer language, we could then create care navigation maps using that organized medical knowledge. Once the maps were completed and linked to ICD-10 codes (think of them as street numbers), we could then apply web based analytics to know if the patient, disease, or utilization turns "left or right." No other company does that or possesses the technology to integrate all of the elements of care, payment, and data at the nexus of care. Our company makes money from various sources - hospitals, doctors, and hopefully soon from payors - all as a Software as a Service through an annual subscription model.

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