As a Scrum Master, I often facilitate meetings to groom my team's backlog of issues. Doing this week-after-week, I have noticed how easy it is for the team to forget how long an issue has been lurking in the backlog for with no fix in sight.

This Issue is Ancient! is a fun reminder of all the events that have happened during the time that this issue was idling in the backlog. While at it, it provides the team with a healthy dose of historic trivia.

What it does

This Issue is Ancient! is an Atlassian Forge app that presents a timeline of events that occurred through subsequent years on the same day that the issue was created.

How I built it

The app was built on Atlassian Forge as an Issue Glance. The app uses the Wikipedia API to fetch historic events that occurred on a given date.

Challenges I ran into

This being our first time building a Forge app, we had to read through all available documentation to learn the best way to leverage everything that it has to offer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy with the way the app turned out. It requires no user intervention for setup or API access and provides good user experience.

What I learned

We are now proficient in building apps on Atlassian Forge, and can't wait for the Forge UI component library to expand for us to build more powerful but lightweight applications!

What's next for

  • We would like to use sentiment analysis to limit the events presented to just uplifting news or truly historic events.
  • We would like to obtain more granular event data so that even issues that were recently filed can present interesting and meaningful event timelines.
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