We were inspired by the recent 2020 Election to create a platform where young, first-time voters can easily find all needed information to cast their vote. Historically there has been a low youth representation in the voter population, with only 50% of youth voting in the 2020 presidential election. Many youth voters are intimidated, confused, and don't think their votes matter - we want to change that. The ability to vote is a powerful right and privilege that we all need to take advantage of and it is a matter of social justice for people to exercise their rights. Civic engagement is extremely important, especially to low-income families, immigrants, and communities of color. In order to create a more equitable future, citizens must use their voices and speak up for the issues they care for.

What it does

Youth Votes is a compilation of all the necessary information a first-time voter would need. It is a user-friendly, simple website that includes our mission statement, why it is important to vote, how youth can vote, an interactive map for finding nearby voting stations, and common election myths. This allows for voters to understand the importance of voting and develop a clear understanding of how they can take action and play their part in the future of the nation.

How we built it

Our team built a website for our solution and used HTML and CSS for the development. We used as the hosting service as well. To get started with styling the website we used a website template from w3 schools (which is properly cited at the bottom of our site) and customized it to support the needs for our solution.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a few problems with the image and text formatting while using the template, but were able to overcome these. We did this through the debugging process as we were also able to make use of the office hours and mentors throughout the development process. In addition, this was most of our group’s first time coding, and most of us knew how to program. We taught ourselves HTML and CSS today and had to learn quickly.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are most proud that we successfully made a beautiful, informational, and easy to use website our first day learning how to code. We had no idea we could create something this amazing and impactful. Our team is so proud of our dedication to learning and can-do spirit throughout the process. What we learned: Today, our biggest takeaways were learning HTML and CSS and how to put together a really awesome and cohesive website. We learned that if you put your mind to something, you can do it - even if you are a beginner!

What’s next for Youth Votes

We hope to continue working on Youth Votes and adding more information/subtopics. In addition, we hope to crowdsource Youth Votes and make it known to users all around the world. We also hope to incorporate a community platform where youth voters can connect and learn more about voting together. It would be amazing to keep this site updated, making it useful for voters during the next election!

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