With our background in charities, it was important for us to take this opportunity to create a social project. One of our teammate is coming from Ukraine so we wanted to find a way to help refugees. Also, with the recent winter hitting Berlin, we thought about hosting homeless and refugees in hostel rooms paid thanks to donation.

What it does

Connect donators to charity DAO to host homeless people or refugees.

How we built it

We built a Dapp hosted on Q chain. When a users makes a donation, a transaction from the user's address to a smart contract will be sent. The Smart Contract will then make a transaction to the Charity DAO and reward the user with an NFT.

It was relevant for us to build on Q chain because decisions can be enforced on this blockchain. Thus, a user can trust the DAO to spend the money the right way.

Challenges we ran into

We used the library wagmi to connect to metamask and to the smart contract. However this library is not supporting Q chain. We were also challenged by time because even with all efforts we could not implement the connection through a web3provider in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Create a fully functional plateform and make it available online. Create a functional smart contract to manage donation.

What we learned

Work with a very tight schedule Communicate within the team between people who have different backgrounds and tech skills.

What's next for H.E.R. build

Implement connection to metamask and to the smart contract on Q chain. Create a backend and a databse to store users and rooms.

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