Hydroponic Embed-Controlled Resource Base

Per many experts, Philadelphia schools are currently performing below state mandates. This is a result of underfunding and several governmental budget cuts. In the end the students are the ones who suffer most, especially those who come from low-income families. In order to ensure that all students are adequately educated despite these difficulties, we sought to create a cost effective solution that fosters interest in learning.

Our inspiration for this project began with the idea of providing disadvantaged students with the opportunity to pursue hands-on projects and activities. With the advantages and solutions of hydroponics becoming more popularized, we sought to utilize this unique system as a solution to the present disparity in education.

We have designed and manufactured an automated indoor gardening system that is cost effective and easy to operate. H.E.R.B. (Hydroponic Embed-Controlled Resource Base) is an automated hydroponic system which monitors and regulates inputs to plant growth while also aggregating that data and allowing the user to track and respond to trends. The applications and functionalities of our project move further beyond our initial motivations, making H.E.R.B. a viable solution to a myriad of problems.

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