inspiration : Difficulties that pilgrims face in order to communicate and reach volunteers.

What it does

An App that helps pilgrims to locate , reach and communicate with volunteers in the simplest way using icons and maps.

How we built it

javascript, HTML, and CSS to build the interactive map by using notepad++. The map will be embedded to android app

Challenges we ran into

1-Locating the volunteers on alHajj's places

2-Determine the most useful services in hajj we planned to store the data after each request to analyze it in the future.

What's next for H-46-Dall

Data collected can be helpful in analyzing what places that pilgrims need volunteers in, and what are the most diseases and accidents that pilgrims face in Hajj. Also, symbols used can be generalized and spread around the Hajj area so the language will not be a barrier anymore in communicating.

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