Gamification with social interaction is an effective way to get people used to needed social behaviors. This app helps find an opportunity to make lifestyle better in moment of crisis and carry forward the same after the crisis has ended. The gamification provides motivation to continue the lifestyle improvements especially among family, friends or using global leadership boards. Healthy lifestyle choices enhance immunity and when combined with tools like social distancing, washing hands regularly, covering sneezes/coughs gives us opportunity to contain the current COVID-19 spread and ability to just that is my source of inspiration.

What it does

This app will create groups which encourage and rate users to do activities like exercise, meditation , washing hands, social distancing, covering sneezes and coughs and spreading information though challenges and videos. It allocates points to these and creates leader boards for a specific group or global leader boards.

How I built it

This app is built using

  1. Xamarin Forms and C# for building native apps for Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. AWS Server-less APIs using API Gateway, Lambda (Node.JS)
  3. Dynamo DB for storage of data

Challenges I ran into

Very short timeframe to come-up with design, development, testing and delivering fully functional App. I will continue over next couple of days to finish complete development lifecycle and post the same for community to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Get the rudimentary functioning application which can scale and can be improved to make it widely adopted.

What I learned

If we put our mind and energies in a positive way as humanity we can together face the challenges ahead. Thanks for providing Global IT community a chance to do the same.

What's next for H.2.B - How to be to beat the virus

Get approvals to publish on App store /Play Store and publicizing the same so the users can take advantage of the same.

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