As overworked college students we are sometimes left in the dark about important things like filing taxes and managing student loans. When it finally comes time for us to manage these aspects of our lives, we face a tsunami of new information to understand what needs to be done. This is shown with current government online learning tools, like the required online consoling for FASA. When reading these materials, students have to translate loads of complex language and shift through unnecessary information to find out what they need to do. Gyst solves this problem, by simplifying and tailoring this information to your needs. The end result of this is to then save you the countless hours googling, or money paying consultants to figure all this out through current methods.

How I built it

Prototype for this project consists simply of a small knowledge base of this information in a easy to digest format. Such topics include filing taxes, understanding the America healthcare, what you need to know about apartment shopping, and the basics of managing student loans. To help make our information easy to understand we have spent our time on a comprehensive UI/UX experience using Jquery, SASS, CSS3, HTML5.

What's next for gyst

For the future we plan on implementing a comprehensive survey style system, which asks you many simple questions to help you understand what you may need to do to avoid issues currently such as passing up on financial aid or failing to file taxes. Such questions will include

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