We decided to take on this project after being unsuccessful in our original plan's coming into YHack. Once we saw the Yo app, we wanted to challenge ourselves to come up with something complex from such a simple idea. To create the complexity of this app we decided to use the Google maps API, to add a visualization of where the subscribers of the channel are at the time. We are extremely proud of the use of our ajax calls into python, it was tricky to get working but was the piece of code that made this entire project possible. What these calls did was allow live updating of the map as new Yo's came in!

function getYo() {
            time = new Date().getTime();

            $.getJSON('/_getYos', {
            }, function(data) {
                if(ajaxCounter == 0){
                    prevList = data.result;
                    deltaList = cutList(prevList, newList);
                    newList = data.result;
                    deltaList = cutList(prevList, newList);
                    prevList = newList;
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