We believe esports desperately needs support for amateur and mid-tier competitors. The sport needs it, and the players need it. Through data analytics, GYO can help discover the top talent in the world and get them connected with esports opportunities and scholarships worldwide.

But everyone needs to start somewhere. Most players don't go pro overnight, they dedicate themselves to their craft and do hours of training daily in order to improve and climb the leaderboards. For any sport, training is mentally and physically tough and staying motivated in a big part of the battle. For Twitch streamers though, they can lean on their fans and viewers to help them through the tough parts of training by being motivators and urging them to continue forward.

This is the spirit in which the idea for GYO Squad Goals was form.

What it does

GYO Squad Goals take the idea of Pledge Drives and Walkathons and applies the concept to esports. Quite simply, if a player has a desire to improve their gameplay, they can track their progress through GYO and know whether or not they are improving their statistics or not. We combine this tracking ability with the power of the fans by letting streamers pledge to donate bits upon the successful completion of a training task. These pledges help drive the player to stay focused, stay motivated, and drive to achieve their goal knowing that there is additional benefit even beyond that of just improving their play. For the viewers, it offers another way to stay engaged and invested in the streamer as they tune in each stream to see whether or not they break through with their goal.

Example JohnnyTV has a .54 Aggression score for his PUBG gameplay, which indicates that he probably needs to be more active in trying to get kills during his games. He's ready to work on that aspect of his game, and sets a goal to improve his Aggression metrics by 10%. He wants his viewers to help motivate him and he wants them to share in his experience, so he opens a formal Squad Goal.

The viewers (his Squad) see that he is currently on a trek to improve his aggression and they see that is being reflected in his play style. He's not camping as much, and he appears to be improving. They want to have fun with this process so they begin chipping in small pledges. 100 bits here, 250 bits there, an occasional 1000 bits.... all pledged only for the moment he reaches and meets his goal. It may take several days, but JohnnyTV is motivated.

Two days later, he's done it! His overall .59 Aggression score shows he has improved his playstyle and he's now more comparable to what professional players often do. A global chat message celebrates his achievement, and his viewers now are prompted to follow up on their pledge to provide bits to JohnnyTV. With his Aggression score now increased, will he tackle his Defensive metrics next?

What's next for GYO Squad Goals

The initial build will support PUBG only, with an expansion to support League of Legends, Smite, and Paladins by the end of Spring 2019.

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