As a gym goer, I noticed that a lot of my friends don't go to the gym because they don't have anyone to go with or the ones that start going would stop whenever their gym buddy's schedule changes. When I asked them on why they don't go or stopped going, a lot of them reply by saying they don't know the workouts or want someone to point them out whenever they do it wrong, and this is how GymPartner was born.

What it does

GymPartner can be put on your arm when you're curling, or your thigh when you are doing squats, and it would light up whenever you mess up your form. It is an Ardurino board with a gyroscope and BLE that detects when a motion doesn't go as expected and it reports to you so and a complimentary gym app on the android platform where it logs your sets and workouts and points out where you messed up.

How I built it

The Ardurino part is written in C, we had to apply our knowledge of circuits to wire it together, we received a lot of help and equipment from George of TouchTiles as well.

Challenges I ran into

We had less than 12 hours to finish the project (we worked on a different idea until the guy who had that idea left the team, we didn't really believe in it and wanted to try and hack on something new so we decided to take that challenge). Also, the Ardurino library for the Gyroscope we used was not correct and we had to fix it. The Ardurino overheated and we had to wait 15~25 minutes for it to cool down. Couldnt find a bluetooth library that worked. We only had one ardurino to work with so we only could had one person collaborating at one time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We couldnt finish 1/4 of the functionality we wanted for the app, but it is a whole new platform we learned in 12 hours and we are proud of it.

What I learned

How circuits apply on Ardurinos , there is no way to store things on Ardurinos (except if you want to create your own registers). How to find libraries for hardware online, where to get ardurino parts online.

What's next for GymPartner

Implement functionality for more workouts, a fully done companion application using BLE for both iOS and Android, a web app, online backups, temperature and heart beat sensors, sleep tracking, a community.

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