When our team first got admitted to McHacks we were hyped, to say the least. But then we remembered that we would be missing valuable days at the gym! Sure, we could spare an hour in Montreal to work out. But finding a gym, getting a tour and signing a membership are things we don't have time for. So we came up with a solution, a solution called Gymnatik.

What it does

Gymnatik lets you find nearby gyms and purchase a one day pass. This pass allows you to go to the gym without the hassle of a membership or trial. For one low fee you can lift with ease wherever you please.

How we built it

By combining a beautiful, dynamic front end interface with a powerful and secure back end we created a site that both looks and runs magnificently. html 5 and CSS/Bootstrap were used to create said lovely interface, along with custom icons, photographs and more, java script provides us with a wide number of dynamic functions . The back end uses mongoDB and node.js to give users a safe and seamless experience.

Challenges we ran into

We had many obstacles, from learning how to create a back end, to creating a logo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating such a beautiful front end despite having no artistic talent. Making a strong and secure back end that users can trust. Most of all, we are proud to have come up with the idea for Gymnatik which we think will help people worldwide keep fit.

What we learned

We learned how to quickly learn new coding languages and integrate concepts. We learned to coordinate using github push function. We learned to do basic graphic design and how to build a back end. How to make things look nice, just by changing a few lines hexi-decimal code.

What's next for Gymnatik

After McHacks we hope to partner with a wide variety of gyms to provide our services to a variety of travel destinations. We also aim to create and rapidly grow a user base of travelers and fitness lovers. We hope to grow the company and partner with gyms all over the world. The end goal is to have gyms in every country, so wherever you roam, you can be sure there is a gym waiting.

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