Why is there a problem finding a gym buddy right now? People could just go to the gym and ask around for a partner, or go with their family and friends in the hopes that they might have the same goals, but that rarely is the case, and hardly ever works out for the best. Everyone is different and, especially when it comes to exercise and fitness, people have various goals that needs to be catered to their specific aspirations (slimming, toning, bulking, etc.)

How are we going to solve this problem? Create a user friendly app where gym goers can find and connect with local fitness lovers. Users will create an account based on body type, age, and fitness interests to link-up with the most relevant and suitable workout partner with similar body types and goals.

What would make us stand out? Even though there are apps like “Gym Comrade” where people can get together and exercise based off location, what these applications lack is specificity and catering to personalized needs. In our app, not only do we efficiently connect people with others based off locality, but also ensure the users have comparable objectives that they can work on together, rather than waiting on the other partner to play catch-up or vice versa. With this app, both you and your partner can improve at the same pace at the same time, and not have to worry about being at different fitness levels.

Also, when user is entering in specified info (i.e. body type, weight), the app could suggest other apps (Health App, FitBit App) to input the existing data from, rather than having to manually enter the information again (similar to when you sign up for a social media-like website and it suggests that you can sign-in through Google or Facebook).

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