Sometimes people have a bad time guessing what will be a good present for someone or making funny activities, so we decided to give a tool to make these tasks easier.

What it does

Gymkhanr lets people chose between being an organizer or a participant of what we called a Gymkhana. An organizer is able to create a gymkhana and then create as many tests as he wants. There are two kind of tests: Questions and Challenges.

You can pass a Challenge introducing the right code, which you can get by doing some funny activities such as going to a certain place, doing some awkward stuff, ...

A Question is exactly like it sounds, you have to choose the correct answer of many possible given answers.

How we built it

We developed Gymkhanr using Django framework, which involves the Python language.

Challenges we ran into

We have never done anything neither with django nor python, so we had to learn how to work with these.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to put both types of tests in only one template using Django forms.

What we learned

We learned the syntax of python and how difficult is to work a bunch of people in the same project coordinately.

What's next for Gymkhanr

We planned to add more type of challenges and to improve the interface.

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