I love fitness and I go to the gym almost every day. The problems I face is that if you want to progress faster and don't spend money on fitness trainer you need to have a gym partner who will spot you and vice versa. And if the time when you attend gym does not overlap with the free time of your friends than you can not rely on your friends to be your spotter so you have to find someone else. So I decided to develop a web platform ( maybe an app in the future) to find a gym partner. Another feature of the platform I'm developing is organizing workout groups. Let me explain this in detail. Once you become quite advanced in fitness you want to motivate others to do the same by sharing your knowledge and experience. One way to do this is to find people who newbies who want to commit to fitness. There is much lower chance that they will skip trainings if they know someone is waiting for them and believes in them. People who are experienced in finess can create groups ( clusters) and meet on regular basis with members to teach them what they know. Members can rate the leader of the group (cluster). Good rating will be reward for the leader of the group.

What it does

1) Find gym partner 2) Create workout groups (clusters)

How I built it

I built it using PHP7.1/Symfony/JavaScript and maybe I also integrate it with Google maps if there is enough time

What's next for Gyminder

Finish all features. Develop better UI. Develop app.

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