We noticed a lot of people want to work out, but don't know how. When they go to the gym, they flounder! Confused by piles on piles of suggestion tutorials, confusing demonstrative videos, and conflicting opinions online, the individual is left behind in a flury of barbells and dumbbells. Deterred by the murky swamp they've entered into, the individual soon quits in frustration. What many people don't know is that the healthcare professionals are there specifically at the disposal of any help requested. Those who do know this, however, are typically shy to request help publically as they want to pursue a 'naturality' image, attempting to project themselves as anything but newbies. Capital One is great when you know what you need... But as a new gym user, you have no idea!

What it does

GymGo provides on demand personal training sessions and gets feedback from healthcare professionals 'for free' on any particular workout. Custom built workouts are built online and pushed to android phones. The client is then able to access their workout through a Google sign-in. They can then start their workout, pressing a simple button on their phone whenever they run into a hitch in the road. If the button is pressed, it enters the queue of individuals seeking assistance. The healthcare professionals may choose to respond to each person in the queue and will arrive promptly to the individual's location. The individual may also choose to turn the help into a personal training session via a Capital One transaction on their phone and gain the benefits of their own healthcare professional at their service.

How we built it

Capital One, blood, sweat, and tears. Hours were spent on the web development of flowing the jsons and laravel queries

Challenges we ran into

Android development, Capital One, and learning the laravel framework. Perhaps the greatest challenge was to understanding how the laravel csrf tokens mismatch any exceptions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are hugely proud of implementing Capital One into our framework that is built with Linode. Especially, we are proud of learning android development within only 36 hours. The hardest part was definitely working on android with no android experience in the team at all.

What we learned

Laravel, android, the extremely easy and fluid functionality of Capital One and Linode, as well as how little sleep we can survive on while still maintaining maximum productivity.

What's next for GymGo

We are seriously interested in continuing this project beyond just this weekend. We plan to scale the app up so that any gym can use it immediately, and polish the android app so it looks more appealing to clients. We aim to market this app towards any gym at all - the marketing potentials are limitless. Gyms can use this app and incorporate it within their system and even provide a free training session promotion to new users. This way, the app fluidly incorporates within the fitness system and helps anyone who needs it. Capital One will remain as our main target!

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