Not everyone always has a friend to go to the gym with, but many common workouts require a buddy to spot or help out. At the very least, working out with someone else is a lot more fun than doing it alone. It can also be intimidating to ask others at the gym to work out with them, even though most other people in the gym who are alone would rather have a buddy. We aim to create a Pebble app that removes all awkwardness from this scenario, and matches people at the gym so that everyone can be safer and have more fun at the gym.

How it works

Upon installing the app on the pebble, you will be notified you have to register. This consists of the simple process of opening up the app settings in your phone and entering your first name. Then, on your pebble, you simply press one button to look for matches at the gym. When we find one for you, you are notified on your Pebble!

Challenges I ran into

The first big challenge was simply getting the pebble sdk working (especially with occasionally spotty wifi). Pebblejs was not working so we ended up using Pebble C. We also ran into problems getting the pebble to communicate with our phones. We also had some occasional troubles getting our RESTful api logic correct at 3 in the morning!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully managed to achieve near real time, location based communication between pebble smart watches.

What I learned

We learned a lot about RESTful apis, web development, and of course the Pebble!

What's next for Gymder

It already a fairly good experience. The next big step would be making it still work with less constant internet connection.

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